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Visit your local Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) or General Practitioner (GP)

Consulting with a medical professional is a helpful step on your quit journey. A doctor will explain the nature of addiction, assess next steps, possible Nictotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and prescription options. 

Breaking 'Pairs'

People are 'nudged' to smoke or vape by certain activities, times, places and people. It can be helpful to minimise these nudges by making small changes to your daily activities. 


For example: Amy wakes up in the morning and has her usual cigarette and coffee on the balcony before getting ready for work. One week later, she decides she wants to give up smoking. Amy now wakes up in the morning and drinks a glass of juice at the dining table before getting ready for work. Drinking juice instead of coffee, and sitting inside instead of on the balcony are two changes to Amy's morning routine has helped minimise the 'nudge' to have a cigarette.

Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness activities are great at keeping you distracted from withdrawals and focused on your goal when on your quit journey.

Activities that keep your hands busy and withdrawls at bay may include knitting, cooking, scrapbooking, painting, gardening etc.

Activities that are somewhat hands free can be mentally soothing, helping you keep a positive mindset when on your quit journey may include listening to music, meditation, reading etc. 

Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
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