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Na Joomelah is open to partnership opportunities in order to spread smoke and vape - free education and messages. Our team has worked closely with entities that have local, state and national reach.  


Na Joomelah x Lung Foundation Australia

Na Joomelah has partnered with Lung Foundation Australia on various projects.

In 2023, three short animations and an accompanying fact sheets were launched to help better understand how vaping can affect individuals, those around them and the environment.

Considering the impact smoking and vaping has on the lungs and surrounding organs, Na Joomelah has also commited to faciltating an annual Shine - A - Light On Lung Cancer Walk in La Perouse and various other Aboriginal communities in the Sydney and Illawarra region.


Na Joomelah x Athlead

Na Joomelah is in strong partnership with Athlead, one of Australia’s leading sporting apparel providers. Athlead delivers quality garments, supplying customised work uniform and NSW Health Challenge apparel for Na Joomelah and the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Through our partnership with Athlead, we are able to provide discounted and subsidised prices to make these items more accessible to community members in our region.

*Please note that Na Joomelah does not profit from the sale of these items.

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Na Joomelah x 33Creative

Na Joomelah has collaborated with 33Creative, an Aboriginal owned media and events agency who were working with Cancer Institute NSW on the 'Every vape is a hit to your health' campaign. Our team were heavily involved in two short films, targetted toward Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
Na Joomelah Element
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